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If you can smell Gas in your home or property and all of your gas appliances are off you should. Leave the property when possible.


Chemical Treatment

When having a New boiler installed, you should alway ensure the Central Heating System is flushed through out with a Chemical De-sludger. Then a inhibitor should be add to ensure the protectior of the radiators.

Boiler with RF Stat

Have a Radio contral Room stat with a 7 day programer can increase the efficiency of your heating system by over 18% more helping you to reduce your energy bills even more....



If your not sure seek advise.
Remember to be safe when you are dealing with Gas , Electricity & Water call a professional.





Cold spots on your radiators & little or No hot water, are problems that are closely related, depending on the type of Central heating Sytem you have. A Central Heating Powerflush can reslove these problems long term but not in every case. This is becuse even when the Central heating system has been powerflushed all day, sludge and metal flakes from the Radiators can this remian in the Central Heating system.

Magna Clean

This is a Magan Clean, and when installed will collect the residual sludge and metal fragments from the Central heating radiators and system. When you install a magna clean you can have this check and cleared Annually on your Annual BoilerCheck. This will almost always resvole the problem if on the most degenerated Central Heating system.


Systems type.
What ever domestic heating system type you have we can help.

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Help us diagnose your problem. We find it more effective if you make a record of the problems you have. Take notes of what is happening and relay them to our engineers on arrival
Got a blocked Sink?.

It may be just the trap that needs clearing out.
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More Advise:

If you have a Hot Water vessel, like this

Mega Flow or something similiar

and your not getting any hot water or the electric trips out.TtheN you need a new immersion heater.

It's likely the immersion heater has corroded like this:


This is a Stand Immersion heater for an open vented Hot water vessel. Whatr ever type of hot water vessel you have the syptoms are often common. Have a look at our services for more info.

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